Rick Korn
General Committee
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Job and / or category: Lawyer

About Andrew: Attended Newington College graduating in 2004, followed by the University of Technology and the University of Sydney. I am a founder and principal of Korn MacDougall Legal which is a boutique law firm specialising in Criminal Defence and White Collar Crime matters.

Why is the Banksia Project important to you?: My profession has provided me with a unique platform from which to observe, understand and appreciate the way mental illness affects lives, particularly those of young men. This growing awareness of the obstacles faced and the desire to help wherever possible led me see how limited the resources and understanding of this particular issue truly was. The Banksia Project is here to change that and give this issue the attention and dignity it deserves. It brings together the people, the professionals and the perspectives to show young men they don’t face these obstacles alone and that this battle can be won.