Nick Healy
General Committee
Committee Member


Job and/or category: Finance/Student

About Nick: I graduated from Shore as the Deputy-Head Prefect in 2015, and the following year I began as a Cadet in the Investment Bank at UBS. I am currently working in Derivative Sales and Structuring, while also studying Commerce/Law full-time at the University of Sydney.

Why is the Banksia Project important to me? I’ve personally witnessed the struggle of those who feel too isolated, or too ashamed, to open up because the stigma surrounding mental health has been prohibitive. That’s why The Banksia Project is so important to me – it focuses on the grassroots. Its core objective of generating a positive and constructive discussion about mental health must, in my opinion, be a foundation for addressing what is quickly becoming an epidemic. More importantly, it aims not just to do this in the larger community, but between individuals as well.