Josh Flanagan
General Committee


Job and / or category: Corporate Advisor / M&A

About Josh: I graduated from St Ignatius College Riverview in 2005 and began a Commerce degree the following year at the University Notre Dame, Sydney. Around this time, I started working in the music and hospitality space producing events. I enjoyed it immensely, so I deferred my degree, started my own business and made this my full time job for the next 9 years. I returned to university in 2014 to complete my degree and in 2016 I changed career paths by landing a role in mergers & acquisitions.

Why is the Banksia Project important to you?: I have spent a large portion of my life knowing very little about the importance of mental wellbeing, despite the warning signs being all around me. Sadly, like many Australians, I have lost a family member and friends to suicide. Meanwhile, people close to me continue to struggle with depression and I have come to realise mine is an all too common story. I’m passionate about education and providing options for those who are battling mental illness. The Banksia Project gives me an opportunity to contribute to an initiative that can effect change in our community. I believe we can fill a void and really help people. I also believe there is no time like the present to get proactive about mental wellbeing.