Byron Whitelaw
General Committee
Digital Manager

Job and / or category: Web Development / Graphic Design

About Byron: Since graduating in 2008 the digital industry has been a passion of mine and ever since landing a full-time job with then agency HotHouse after work experience in year 10, this has been the industry I have wanted to work in. My background is in front-end web development and I am currently studying for my Diploma in Graphic Design.

Why is the Banksia Project important to you?: When given the opportunity to use my passion for digital to try and make an impact in such an important area like mental health in a supportive and innovative way, I jumped at the opportunity. As someone who has witness and experienced mental ill health, like all of us have at some stage in our lives, the importance of never feeling like you are going through life alone is paramount. I can’t wait to see how The Banksia Project brings people together as a community of empowered mental health advocates!